Doss & Associates

Georgia Estate Planning:

Putting Family Needs and Principles First
Many people approach estate planning as they would money management: thinking of the assets first. At Doss & Associates, our approach is to place family needs and principles first. Only then will we know the best way to transfer assets from one generation to the next. From our office in North Georgia, we serve clients throughout Georgia.

There are a variety of ways to protect and transfer money and property, but it is important to consider that your choices can either sustain and build your family or lead to discord and the wasting of assets. Careful, appropriate and family-focused estate planning can help ensure your family remains financially and emotionally strong, stable and responsible.

Estate-planning attorneys at Doss & Associates will work closely with you to define family members’ needs and to identify all the goals you may wish to achieve with your estate plan. We then proposes estate planning tools to meet those needs, explaining the pros and cons of each so you can make a wise choice for your specific family.