Doss & Associates – Real Estate Transactions

With more than thirty years experience with commercial and residential real estate in Georgia, Doss & Associates provides prompt and attentive client service in a broad range of real property issues and opportunities. For additional information about the scope of our services, contact Doss & Associates.

Consumer Real Estate Transactions. Whether you’re selling or buying, Georgia real estate lawyer Lynn Doss can help make sure your next real estate deal goes smoothly from the purchase agreement through the closing. She’s part of a referral network of local realtors and title companies, and he can match the right professional to your needs. She can also advise you in sales by owner when you want to proceed without a realtor. If any problem arises after the purchase agreement, attorney Lynn Doss can provide reliable advice and representation to resolve it.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions. We can handle sales or acquisitions of businesses¬†involving real estate assets, and make sure that a clean title passes at closing. If any defects appear on the record, we can take the necessary steps to cure them. We also represent owners, developers or management companies on land use issues before the Board of Adjustment or County Commissioners in the North Georgia area. Additionally, we work with homeowners’ associations on declarations, covenants, unit sales agreements and enforcement issues.

Realtors’ Issues. Fannin County real estate attorney Lynn Doss advises realtors when unusual situations might present liability issues involving a seller, a purchaser or a lender. Examples of these might include conflicts of interest, agency questions, adequacy of disclosure or termination of an agency relationship.

Real Estate Litigation. We can represent purchasers, owners or sellers in broken deals involving breach of the purchase agreement, actions for specific performance or to quiet title, or lawsuits involving disputes over easements, boundaries or adverse possession claims.